Weed Dispensary Options- Choosing The Right Product

Determining the right option is a difficult task if you have been permitted to use medical marijuana. There are various options with confusing names that will give you hard time in determining the right product from . However, there are various strategies that can be used to achieve your objective. It is important to inform your bydtender about your condition and what kind of product you need to alleviate it. Various tactics can be used to get the right products as explained below by Shiva Buzz from BC:

Determination of the right marijuana chemical compounds that you need for your condition

Marijuana plant has two main predominant chemical compounds. These include CBD and THC. The THC compound makes the consumer high and intoxicated. These compounds are responsible in the treatment and management of various conditions as explained below

THC– this compound is appropriate for people who are suffering from anxiety and need sleep. The compound helps to reduce the frequency of occurrence of nightmares. Apart from sleep inducement, THC helps in stress relief, appetite stimulation, relaxation and relief from depression symptoms.

CBD– This compound is best in management and relief of localized pain. The compound aids in pain relief and has fewer effects on mood. can manage pain that come as a result of the following conditions: anxiety, epilepsy, muscle spasms and others.

Marijuana Strains

There are three main marijuana strains. These are sativa, indica, and hybrid. The strains have various properties and treat various conditions as explained below:

  • Indica Marijuana- The best for inducing sleep and alleviation of some chemical conditions. The amount of TCH found in indica is less than the amount found in sativa. Indica has a large amount of cannabinol that aids in sleep for people suffering from insomnia.
  • Sativa- because it contains a large amount THC, promotes energy and makes one to be creative. The indica strain is also the best for treating a number of conditions like chronic pain, migraines, and glaucoma symptoms.
  • Hybrids- this is a cross-breed between indica and sativa that has high potency. There are those strains that are indica dominant while others are sativa dominant.

Getting the best of the two strains

Although it is difficult to get the right kind of hybrid, when you get it you are able to relief your condition. If you can get a product that is well balanced in THC and CBD, you will relief pain that come as a result of chronic inflammatory pain.