The reason why teens have the concern to use cannabis

Teen always behave in a manner that they can control themselves without their parent’s guidance. So, they decide what they want to do for themselves even without thinking of consequences linked to it. Thus, you find many teens ending up in the wrong company most of the time. The paper will explore the reason why teens have anxiety /concern to use cannabis.

I want to know what it’s like 
Most of the teens who try using cannabis for the first time are so curious about what they will feel after. They will like to experience what it feels like when you are high. Curiosity is linked to the life of teens usually and its normal part of their experience. However, curiosity about drugs is not good for teens even if they believe that they are invincible, and nothing bad will happen to them at all. If only they understand that smoking weed hurts the brain, then their interest would decrease at least.

Everyone else is using it, so what’s the big deal?
Teens have that urge to liked and accepted by their peers. As a result, they end up making a poor decisions in their life. According to the studies that were done, when teens were asked what prompted them to use cannabis, many said because their friend uses it. So, friendship plays a critical role in a teen’s life.

I only smoke when I am bored 
A study that was published in the America Journal of Drug and Alcohol abuse indicated that almost one-third of teens report using cannabis to cope up with tedium. Teens don’t understand that cannabis use is dangerous. So, they need to find other ways to cope with boredom such as martial art, yoga, getting a job, and learning to play instruments. Not only these other ways assist them in pastime but as well promote their healthy coping skills.

It helps me feel better
Many teens find it hard to escape everyday problems. As a result, they decide to use TGA bulk cheap cannabis to help them cope with mental illness and deal with painful emotions. According to estimation from the United States Department of Health and Human Services, one in five teens has a mental disorder, and almost third suffer from depression. To cope with pain, teens may decide to use drugs. In doing so, they end up facing serious long-term consequences.

To get high or feel good 
Many youths think that getting high is fun, but they fail to notice the serious side effect linked to cannabis use. Cannabis is considered to be an addictive and harmful substance to teens.

Teens are required to learn the negative effects associated with using marijuana. In doing so, they will understand that its disadvantages outweigh the advantages. As well, they will open up their narrow minds to find out other solutions for dealing with boredom, stress, and peer pressure than to involve in drug use.