Health benefits of lion’s mane mushroom

Health benefits of lion’s mane mushroom


Lions mane mushrooms belong to kingdom fungi, they are edible and grow in forests on trees and logs. The mushrooms have a body that is unique because of the spine-like structure they have. Some farmers have found ways to grow these species of mushroom in their farms and that makes the supply of the mushroom increase with time. The lion mane mushroom contains proteins carbohydrates and some amount of potassium and iron. All the named components are good for the human body in terms of helping to grow cells and for immune building. The health benefits of the lions mane mushroom is what has made the plant known widely. 


Hericium erinaceus is another name for this specie, it originated from the Polar Regions. The climate in the area favoured their growth in big quantities. As years passed the farmers found ways to grow them in various places in the continent rather than only in the Polar Regions. 

Health benefits 

Lowers the risk of getting cardiac disorders, the plant is stuffed with nutrients that play a big role in keeping the cardiac system of a human being disease free and to work well. 

Wound healing capabilities, among the components of the plant is a strong feature that helps the kin heal fast after an injury. 

Helps reduce anxiety and depression, it is rich in relaxing agents that calm the human mind and does away with stress and any form of anxiety. 

Reduces the risk of getting cancerous cells, some extracts in the mushroom help in increasing the cell activities in the body, and when the cells are active enough they tend to renew themselves thus study has shown that the extracts help reduce the size of the cancer cells and with time they are totally eliminated from the body. 

It is an anti-inflammatory agent, they can help reduce the tendency of the body swelling in instances of injury or some fluid imbalance in the body. 

Prevents insanity or dementia, the brain works in a nonstop manner and thus at times it tends to get overwhelmed and it may lead to someone going made, the mushroom components help in rejuvenating the cells in the human mind and also help steady the blood flow in the brain so that all the brain functions are carried our effectively. The renewal of cells improves the brains working efficiency. 

Boosts the immune system, every human needs the immunity from diseases and be disease free for the better time of their living. Research has shown the major part these mushroom can play in boosting the immunity of a person by renewing cells frequently and strengthening the cells. 

Other benefits 

Religious practices, these plants were used by Buddhists some years back to perform various religious rituals and meditating. Due to its ability to relax the mind it was a good choice to help people concentrate during the meditation process. 

It was used as food, apart from the health benefits it brings, they also were used as food to many communities back then. 


The natural gifts given to us have major benefits no matter their state and as discussed above the health benefits of lion’s mane mushrooms, it is evident enough that among the various plants nature gave us is solace. All the benefits from the natural ingredients might cost less rather than going the hospital way. 

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Cannabis and Aging

Cannabis and Aging

According to studies, cannabis use in the US is increasing by the day. Physicians recommend cannabis for medication Tale of Two Strains.  

Some factors seem to be behind this façade, not least the decreasing stigma regarding cannabis use, especially for medical purposes. Many countries now approve the use of marijuana for medical use in older adults. These older folks use cannabis for the same reasons that the younger generation does: neuropathy, pain, insomnia, and anxiety.  

The stigma and the illegality the use of cannabis user feedback among older folk is almost non-existent.  

Old people usually have health issues that force them to be using multiple medicines. With cannabis having over 600 chemicals, it affects blood levels of the medicines one is taking. One should be especially careful about anti-seizure and blood-thinning medication. Due diligence is a must and constant communication with medical providers about cannabis use. Especially in the case of surgery, disclosing cannabis use is crucial. 

The highs of cannabis is a cause of concern among the aged, especially dementia patients.  

Research shows that cognitive functions tend to improve with cannabis use due to improved pain control. Older patients are using low doses and thus negating the effects of chronic pain. There is a need for more studies n all these areas. 

The elderly are using cannabis with less stigma than before with more public acceptance. Cannabis is being recognized for chronic pain and insomnia. It is easier to have a discussion with doctors as one weighs the risks involved. Especially if one has cardiac issues, it important to discuss with medical personnel. Share with your doctor as often as possible about cannabis use. This way you can know if the doses you are taking is okay. 

Lifestyle changes that occur among the aged, such as the loss of a loved one, relocation, or retirement lead to loneliness and ay encourage the use of cannabis.  

Aging also involves structural changes in brain functions, and uncontrolled use of cannabis can make it worse.  

Older folk report that cannabis helps in the issues of anxiety, pain, and insomnia. Researchers find that most of the patients who use cannabis started using it after age 60.  

These new users normally will use cannabis for medical reasons strictly. Also, they are more likely to discuss it freely with their doctors. 

More mapping and collation of available research are required for developing policy and regulation. The current store of knowledge is insufficient and woefully scanty. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) has several health benefits especially for older adults, but research is in the very early stages. It is one of the 100 or so chemicals found in the cannabis Sativa plant. CBD doesn’t is associated with the highs that many people connect with cannabis. The FDA has never agreed to guarantee the quality, effectiveness, or safety of CBD products. This means that the individual user must be double careful and cooperate with his medical doctor at all times.