Differences in Sativa vs Indica Cannabis Strains

Differences in Sativa vs Indica Cannabis Strains

There is a difference between Sativa vs Indica cannabis strains. They may be for the same purpose in one way or another or may be very different as they are of the same plant type. They are actually purchased differently depending on what one wants at the time. The differences include the following;

Being hyper or feeling sleepy

Indica Cannabis strains makes one sleepy or gives one the feeling to go sleepy. Sativa strains on the other hand makes one hyper. The feeling of being hyper comes from getting high. This may result to a lot of energy that they may portray at the time after using the Sativa strains. These varieties of effects are the reasons people purchase them for use as they are sure of the results at the end. Struggling to sleep may be hard at the same time feeling all hyped up may be the best feeling ever as one gets to forget about their problems thus release their minds from worries.


The appearance of Sativa strains is different compared to Indica strains. They are mostly leaves thus the difference comes in on the width and shape of the leaves between the two. They are definitely green but are identified separately when one takes keen interest on the appearance of the leaves on the two. Sativa are mostly tall and thin while Indica are short and wide.

Time of use

The strains have a difference when it comes to time of use. Sativa is mostly advised to be used during daytime as it gives the energy and hype one needs to go through their day. It may give one the psyche to go through with the activities successfully. Indica on the other hand should be used at night. This gives one the feeling of sleep and the need to lay down and relax without facing any difficulties. One is able to fall asleep quite easily after using Indica strains.


In conclusion, Sativa vs Indica cannabis strains are well known widely across the globe. It is however harmful when made addictive to the human system. The differences above ensure one gets to gauge the amount they would like to take in. Being from the cannabis family, some uses may be similar from the two strains as discussed above.

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