Healthy Reasons why most of the Cannabis legalization updates are positively reviewed

For the past many years, the debate on whether to legalize Cannabis or not has led to a lack of agreements, which is mainly contributed by the citizen’s different views of its usage. According to the America’s report update which was established in the year 2018, it has indicated that the number of the citizens who are in support of Cannabis legalization is very high, about 48% of the total population, followed by the people whose minds are not yet made up whether to support legalization or not and then the lowest number is for the people who are sure that they are ready and willing to help Cannabis illegalization at all cost. The researchers have been able to come up with positive impacts that are caused by the use of Cannabis, especially in the medical sectors, in which the supporters are very aggressive, which is against the other percentage of people who are campaigning for its illegalization. Many people, especially in North America, have claimed that the use of Cannabis is not as harsh as other people may think, for they have already used it before. Some states, such as Columbia has already legalized its usages for adults’ recreation, which has also led to increased demands of Cannabis legalization. For medical purposes, Cannabis has been able to be legalized in about 33 States in America, including Northern Marians Island, in which the legalization process was successfully implemented in the year 2008. The following are the Healthy reasons why most of the Cannabis legalization updates are positively reviewed;

Brain Protection after stroke- through researches and many other pieces of evidence from the scientists, it is claimed that Cannabis can help in protecting the brain of the person who has gone through the stroke, through reducing the size of the area which is affected. The brain functioning is the most important in human lives, which can lead to many other severe infections, therefore the researches were done, especially on rats, monkeys, and mice indicates that the use of Cannabis can reduce some brain severity effects.

Stimulates appetite and reduces the severe pain from the cancer patients- the patients who are especially undergoing chemotherapy during the process of striving to cure cancer usually experience a lot of pain, which is believed that the use of Cannabis can reduce it. Cancer patients who are especially experiencing painful nausea, loss of appetite, and vomiting may use Cannabis to relieve the pain they are going through. Cannabis increases appetite and therefore preventing other health complication which may occur in the future.

Glaucoma treatment- this is the health complications which leads to pressure increment in the optic nerve, eyeball damage and loss of vision. The studies which have been carried out by the eye professionals have able to prove that use of Cannabis can cure Glaucoma.

Cannabis legalization in North America has been able to draw people’s attention on both benefits and disadvantages of using Cannabis.

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