Various factors are always considered when it comes to how someone needs to experience the reaction of the weed in their body. The level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) available in the product, various strains, and terpene profile have so much effect when choosing a product that will maximize your experience. The consumption technique is vastly significant to the experience you ought to have.

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Smoking weed

Most consumers use smoking as a way of consuming weed into the system of their body. Inhalation of the weed smoke into the lungs, THC as the robust component, is soaked up in the blood and transferred to the cerebellum, a part of the nervous system, during blood circulation. When THC interacts with brain receptors, it connects to the endocannabinoid receptor’s design, producing euphoric elements associated with getting high. 

When weed is smoked, one is most likely to feel the effect almost immediately since the duration through which THC is inhaled into the projected destination is way shorter compared to taking edibles. However, the product might not last long; that’s the drawback. 

Taking edibles 

Your objective, which is getting high, will still be achieved by taking edibles, but the absorption is different and may take longer than when you smoke it.

The edibles need to be digested first, where their absorption also takes place in the stomach, then the liver metabolizes the active components found in the cannabis, where conversion of THC to 11-hydroxy-THC; a robust chemical compound and lasts longer than the primary compound. The process of digestion and absorption in the blood takes quite a long time, therefore, you may not feel it instantly like when you smoke it, but the moment it reaches the brain, the experience is different and may have a long-lasting effect.

The metabolism process and absorption of THC take longer when someone uses edibles; this is approximately 45 minutes to three (3) hours. 

Since 11-hydroxy-THC is more effective and has a long-lasting effect than THC, it doesn’t hit immediately whenever you ingest the edibles, but the effect lasts longer than when taken as a joint; more robust components found in 11-hydroxy-THC are responsible for this effect.

The vice-versa is seen when one smokes weed, as THC absorption takes a little while. Therefore, it hits the brain as soon as you start to smoke, but the impact of a higher rate of THC absorption renders a short-term effect.

On an additional note, the amount of dosage you take affects your experience. When you decide to go with smoking as a way of consumption, overconsumption is not likely to occur as the joint hits immediately. Therefore, you will not see any need to add more, which is unlikely when you take edibles. Edibles may delude you into taking lots of them since you don’t feel the effect immediately, which may lead to overdosage.