Liposuction Procedure Book an Appointment with your Doctor

Liposuction Procedure Book an Appointment with your Doctor

Liposuction is a medical procedure that helps remove excess fats from certain areas of the body. Whereas you should be well informed on how the procedure is carried out, it is equally important to know how to prepare for it.  

Liposuction Overview 

Sometimes fats may accumulate in some areas of the body such as the abdomen, waist, hips, knees, upper arms, chin and neck. The excess flesh usually becomes a nuisance to most people who end up seeking medical help. Liposuction was invented by Italian gynaecologists Arpad and Giorgio Fischer in 1974. Arpad and his son Giorgio invented a surgical instrument called a cannula with which they were able to create tunnels between blood vessels and suck excess fat in the process.  

How to Prepare for the Procedure 

Any surgical procedure is a serious mission that requires that you prepare adequately to get the intended results. Before you book for liposuction, you should try to lose some weight beforehand. Some people think that liposuction is a weight-losing procedure when it is not. This procedure mainly concentrates on eliminating fats in the stubborn areas of your body to give body shape.  

It mainly enhances and reshapes those areas which hang with excess flesh. It can’t cut some flesh in the whole body, as such, you must try to lose some weight beforehand. Once you are not overly overweight, and only wants to deal with those stubborn areas, you can now book for Liposuction.  

Book an Appointment with your Doctor 

It is important to book an appointment with your doctor. He will have a private session with you and explain to you what to expect. He may, for instance, ask you to undergo some tests to determine if you are safe to go through anesthesia. You be required to be sedated before undergoing the procedure and unless it is safe, you may be discouraged by your doctor.  

Stop Smoking 

Nicotine is known to constrict blood vessels and can reduce blood flow through the body. As a result, it immensely reduces your chances of having a successful operation. Blood flow must be normal if you are also to recover quickly. Poor blood flow can impede your recovery. If you are planning to undergo this procedure, you should stop taking nicotine for some time before booking for liposuction. Your doctor will have to verify that your blood flow is normal before the operation.  

Change of Diet 

Eating a healthy diet helps your body develop immunity which is vital during the operation. It also helps reduce weight before D-day. You should adopt a healthy diet a few months before you book an appointment for the liposuction procedure. 

Liposuction is gaining popularity as people become more aware of their body needs. In fact, the procedure is now being practiced virtually in most local hospitals. Due to its perceived benefits, more people are now seeking medical help to give themselves better shape. 

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