Best Solutions to Your Obesity Problems – Marijuana Strains

Obesity is one of the biggest problems, according to the World Health Organization. In most cases, it is defined as an abnormal or accumulation of fat in an excessive way, which ends up being a health risk. Currently, it is a significant problem in the United States and a reason for the occurrence of many infections and diseases across the entire world. In fact, being obese does not mean that you are overeating but can be caused by several things that are not working in the right manner inside your body. From a research which was conducted around 2016, it is clear that marijuana has a hand in lower odds of metabolic syndrome across emerging and middle-aged adults in the United States. 

You are recommended to search for cannabis which has very high THCV if losing weight is your main objective. 

The very first thing you are advised to do is consulting a doctor when you have plans for losing your weight. Additionally, you are required to have a change in your diet as well as commence doing some physical exercises. 

The following are some common marijuana strains which will be of great help when working towards losing weight:

Cannatonic: – This is a great Indica plus Sativa marijuana strain and has a citrus pine smell. Usually, it cannot produce high munchies though you can as well enjoy it when relaxing. 

Also, it contains THC, which makes you have a bit of psychoactivity. Usually, this does not help you lose weight but can be a replacement for some other high-calorie party beverage. 

Black Beauty: – This is commonly known for weight loss and diabetes care. It usually has a floral aroma and consists of a 7 percent THC. Additionally, it has a 4 percent THCV, which energizes you and produces a very fast-paced cannabis experience. This is usually a perfect choice for suppressing your appetite and provides enough energy for exercising. 

Sativa: – It is commonly referred to as Jack the Ripper. It usually has a sativa strain, which has a very special lemon scent. Also, it usually has a fair amounts of THCV and high THC, which fight against cravings. You are recommended to use it before workouts. It has a side effect of getting you thirsty therefore, you are advised to make sure that you are hydrated when using this cannabis product. 


You are recommended to remember that if you want to lose weight healthily, you are supposed to search for options having very high THCV. Lastly, you are advised to talk with your doctor Spark healthcare practicioner so that he or she provides you a full schema of losing weight.